The All-Star Companion #1

TwoMorrows     December, 2000

Oversized; Trade paperback; 208 pages; An Overview of JSA; B&W

The All-Star Companion; Introduction: All-Star In My Eyes; A Companion For Life; Seven Years Before The Masthead; A Study In Speculation; The Men (And One Woman) Behind The JSA; Who Was Who In The Justice Society Of America (1940-1951); The Golden Age Of The Justice Society; Interlude #1: Roads Not Taken; Interlude #1.5: An Invincible Bunch Of Guys; Interlude #2: Shanghaied Into Script; Interlude #2: The Case Of The Invisible All-Stars!; Interlude #4: The Crime Of The Forgotten Mystery; Interlude #5: The JSA Adventures That Never Happened! (Or Maybe They Did?); Interlude #6: The Will Of William Wilson; Interlude #7: Renaissance And Rebirth; Interlude #8: Those Magnifica Men In Their Drowning Machines; Interlude #9: Fright Of A Nation; Interlude #10: The Ellsworth Years; Also In This Issue; Badges? We Donít Need No Stinking Badges!; Under The Western (All-) Stars; The Justice League-Justice Society Team-Ups; All-Star Comics In The 1970s; The Justice Society (And Friends) In The 1980s; The JSA In The 1990s And Beyond; The Men (And A Woman Or Two) Behind The All-Star Companion

 Roy Thomas, Julius Schwartz, Jerry G. Bails, Mike W. Barr, Brian Boerner, Don Glut, Phil Castora, Robert M. Ingersoll, Robert Kanigher, Amy Kiste Nyberg, Craig Delich

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