Weird Heroes Mass Market Paperback #1


Painted cover

Reprints Alpha Magazine Spring 1974; 1st appearance of Quest of the Gypsy; 1st appearance of Adam Stalker; 1st appearance of Guts the Greaser; 1st appearance of Greatheart Silver; 1st appearance of The Gypsy; Published by Pyramid Books; Anthology; 256 pages

Quest of the Gypsy (text story); Adam Stalker: The Darkstar File (text story); Guts the Greaser: Guts (text story); Rose in the Sunshine State (text story); Minstrel of Lankhmar: A Discussion with Fritz Leiber (interview); Greatheart Silver: Showdown at Shootout (text story)

 Ron Goulart, Archie Goodwin, Byron Preiss, Joann Kobin, Fritz Leiber, Philip José Farmer

 Alex Niño, David Sheridan, Jim Steranko, Jeff Jones, Tom Sutton

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