Louis L’Amour Western Magazine #6

Dell Magazines     January, 1995

Painted cover

(Vol. 2, #1)

Pursuit from Tabletop (text story); Accidental Bad Man (text story); Charity (text story); Bust Out (text story); The Hog Lot Shooting (text story); The Cat King of Cochise County (text story); Homemade Christmas Present (text story); War (text story); A Conversation with Dee Brown (interview); Frontier Profile: The Strange Life of Boston Corbett (text feature); Western Travel: Deadwood and the Black Hills (text feature)

 Robert J. Jordan, Teddy Keller, Sandra Whiting, W.M. Shockley, Ellen Gray Massey, Loren D. Estleman, T. Jeff Carr, Jack London, Dale L. Walker, Dee Brown, Hugh McCord, Jane Candia Coleman

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