Nuts! (Bantam Book) #1

Bantam     July, 1985

Painted cover; Mass-market paperback, 128 pages; B&W

Nuts!; Laurie and Versella: Luckiest Girl; Laurie and Versella: Sleep Over; The Nerd; An NTV Mock Video: The Life and Times of Steve Boring in 8000 Words or 8 Pictures…; Tales from the Mall; The True History of Television; The Radio; Think Tank; The Michael Jackson School of Breakdancing; The ABC’s of Dating; In Space, No One Can Hear You Quack; Laurie and Versella: Joel; Cindy’s Problem (text story)

 Harvey Kurtzman, Bob Fingerman, Chris Browne, Rick Geary, Byron Preiss, Chris Reed, Kevin Sacco, Ralph Reese, Mel Gliden, Elizabeth Ilgenfritz

 Sarah Downs, Bob Fingerman, Christopher Browne, Rick Geary, Chris Reed, Kevin Sacco, Ralph Reese, George Chastain

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