The Book of Ballads and Sagas Book #1 (2nd printing)

Green Man Press     March 7, 2006

Published by Tor; Edited by Teresa Nielsen Hayden; Introduction by Terri Windling; Discography Notes by Ken Roseman

The False Knight on the Road, King Henry, Thomas the Rhymer, Barbara Allen, The Three Lovers, Tam-Lin, The Daemon Lover, Twa Corbies, Sovay, The Gatlee Farmer, Alison Gross, The Black Fox, The Great Selchie of Sule Skerry

 Sharyn McCrumb, Neil Gaiman, Rob Walton, Terri Windling, Jane Yolen, Charles De Lint, Midori Snyder, Jeff Smith, Delia Sherman, Charles Vess, Ken Roseman

 Charles Vess, Linda Medley

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