Saucy Movie Tales (Adventure House) #9

Adventure House

Reprints Saucy Movie Tales (pulp) #9 (Aug. 1936); 128 pages

Strip Acts Don’t Pay; Red Pool of Dawa; Hollywood Blackmail; Million Dollar Girl; Beauty and the Heat; Source of Supply; Where There’s a Will; Four Stars for Marcella; Situation Wanted: Female

 Frank E. Marks, Milton S. Grant, Eric Brosker, Ernest Manning, Andrew Larson, Andre Surdos, Marie Forgeron, Kenneth Stalcup, David Brookfield

 Eric Brosker

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United States pbickford $11.50 Reprints Saucy Movie Tales (pulp) #9 (Aug. 1936); 128 pages. Vol. 2 #3; 128 pages