The Enemy Ace Archives #2

DC     November, 2006

Reprints from Star Spangled War Stories #143-145, 147-150, 152, 158, 181-183, and 200; Foreword by Robert Klein and Michael Uslan

The Devilís General; Death Takes No Holiday!; Return of the Hangman; A Grave in the Sky!; Luck is a Puppy Named Schatzi!; Reach for the Heavens; 3 Graves to Home!; Rain AboveÖ Mud Below!; Enemy Aceó The Hammer of Hell; Hellís Angelís!, Part 2; The Hammer of Hell!; The Maverick Ace!; To End in Flames!; Shooting Star

 Robert Kanigher, Joe Kubert

 Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, Russ Heath, Frank Thorne

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