The Underworld (J. Thomas Wood) #4 - 2nd printing

J. Thomas Wood     August, 2006

Reprints Underworld (pulp) #4 with facsimile cover

96 pages

A Strange Conspiracy (text); Blundell’s Last Guest, Part 3 (text); The Scapegoat (text); The Chinese Pearls, Part 1 (text); A Transaction in Bonds (text); Diamonds, Part 4 (text); The Real Thing (text); Murder Mysteries of New York: The Case of Florence Burns (text); The Venegance of Osiris (text); The Cause of a Tragedy (text); Not Guilty (text)

 E. Phillips Oppenheim, Albert Payson Terhune, Louis Joseph Vance, Charles Sarver, Montague Glass, J.S. Fletcher, Louis Tracy, Frank M. O’Brien, Hugh Pendexter, Clarence Herbert New, Ozark Ripley

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