The All-Star Companion #2

TwoMorrows     December, 2006

Oversized; Trade paperback; 240 pages; Wraparound cover; B&W

Introduction: Hitching Your Wagon To All-Star; Why I Hate All-Star Comics #3; Playing With Sand (Man); More Mysteries Of All-Star Comics; The Spectre Does Another Fade-Out After An Unghostly Breath; Where There’s A Will- There’s William Wilson; The Case That Even Batman Couldn’t Solve; The Mystery Of The Doppleganger Detectives; Fascinating, Yet Simple Experiments You Can Do!; The Other Heroes Of All-Star Comics; The Mysterious Case Of The JSA Membership Kids; Our Slip Is Showing; Silver Years, Bronze Decades; Who Was Who In The All-Star Squadron (1941-1945); All-Star Squadron-Issue By Issue; The Justice Society Of America In The 1980s; Afterword & Foreword

 Roy Thomas, Frank Brunner, Dennis Mallonee, Jerry G. Bails, Craig Delich, Mike W. Barr, David Studham, Pedro Angosto, Kurt Michell

 Irwin Hasen, Carmine Infantino, Joe Kubert, Alex Toth, Martin Nodell, Harry G. Peter, Creig Flessel, Jerry Ordway, Rich Buckler, Rafael Kayanan, Arvell Jones, Rick Hoberg, Frank Brunner, Carlos Pacheco, Alex Ross, Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Mike Mignola, Michael Lark, Paul Ryan, Don Rosa, Ramona Fradon

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