The Spider Chronicles #1


Introduction by Denny O’Neil; ca. 2007

City of the Melting Dead; King of the City; Death From a Blood Red Sky; Death Reign of the Zombie Queen; March of the Murder Mummy; Regrets Only; The Marching Madmen; Fear Itself; Blazing Barrels at the Reich House; Señor Suicide; Wheelman for Terror; More Souls for Hell; Caught in the Crossfire; The Invisible Gang; The Devil’s Druggist; The Mad Gasser of Mantoon; The Calling of the Spider; The Spider and the Monster Makers; Banquets for the Damned

 Martin Powell, C.J. Henderson, Elizabeth Massie, Howard Hopkins, Will Murray, Chuck Dixon, Bill Crider, Joel Frieman, James A. Kuhoric, Steve Englehart, Shannon Denton, John Helfers, Ann Nocenti, Ron Fortier, Robert Weinberg, Joe Gentile, Mort Castle, Christopher Mills, John Jakes

 Tom Floyd

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