Fandom’s Finest Comics #2


Volume 2; Reprints from Fantasy Illustrated #1-3, Star-Studded Comics #7, 13, 14, Xero #10, Foo #2, Graphic Story Magazine #16, Paragon Super Heroes #1, Paragon #3, Overkill #26, Nucleus #9; Edited & Annotated by Bill Schelly; Adam Link’s Vengeance adapted from the story by Otto Binder; Gods of the North adapted from the story by Robert E. Howard; Collects original strips from classic comic fanzines 1958-1977; ca. 1998

Labors of Love; Fantasy Illustrated—Annotations; Adam Link’s Vengeance, Part 1; Star - Studded Comics - Annotations; The Astral Man vs. The Adder; The Thing Out Of Time; The House Where Terror Lived!; Boy, You Sure Don’t Look Like A Hero!; Gods of the North; Eye on Biljo White Featuring The Fog; The Return of the Eye; Funny Stuff—Annotations; Whatever Happened to Lance Lightning?; Two Flashes Meet The Purple Slagheap!; Xorro!; The Wishing World; Night of The Shade; The Shade: Dream Walker; Skyline Robbers; The Web; The Prize… America…; Graphic Story Gallery; Other Genres—Annotations; Thundersaber; Call It Karma; A Study In Horror; The Demon of the Dark Glass; What Happened To Jory

 Bill Schelly, Otto Binder, Bill Spicer, Howard Keltner, Landon Chesney, Larry Herndon, Alan Weiss, Biljo White, James Toren, Charles Crumb, Mark Evanier, Martin Greim, Bill Black, Marty Arbunich, Bill DuBay, Jim Starlin, David Kasakove, Dave Cockrum, Frank Miller, Gary Henry

 D. Bruce Berry, Sam Grainger, Landon Chesney, Rich Buckler, Alan Weiss, Steve Kelez, Alan Hutchinson, Biljo White, Grass Green, Charles Crumb, John Pound, Bill Black, Ronn Foss, Gary Kato, Bill DuBay, Jim Starlin, George Barr, Michael T. Gilbert, Michael W. Kaluta, Jeff Jones, Bill Schelly, Jim Shooter, Don Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Klaus Janson, Dave Cockrum, Frank Miller, Bob Overstreet, Dan Adkins, Marc Hempel

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