Archie His First 50 Years #1 Hardcover - 2nd printing

Abbeville     May, 1993

Reprints Pep #22, 26, 31, 48, 64, 397; Includes overviews and many reprint comics; A history of Archie; Archie #1, 7; Laugh #104, Betty and Veronica #156; Archie and Me #47

A Boy Among Men; Archie’s Debut; Veronica’s Debut; Archie Meets Mr. Lodge; And Introducing…; The Past Without Pain; Double Date; Pom Pranks; Camera Bugs; No Body’s Dummy; Classic Covers of the 40’s; The Archie Business; A Formula for Success; Like Real Gone; The Time of Your Life; Classic Covers of the 50’s; Archie Through the Ages; The Art of Archie; A Matter of Prejudice; Sugar Substitute; Commercial Conniption; Classic Covers of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s; Archie, Beginning to End; An Island of Calm

 Charles Phillips, Vic Bloom, Ed Giggin, Bob Montana

 Bob Montana, Henry Sahle, Ginger, Stan Goldberg, Dan DeCarlo

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