Archie’s Super-Hero Special #2

Archie     August, 1979

1979 edition; Reprints Double Life of Private Strong #1; Reprints Double Life of Private Strong #2; Digest size; Titled Archie’s Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine

Black Hood; The Shield: The Menace of the Micro-Men!; The Fly: The Lady and the Monster; The Ultimate Power!; The Jaguar: The Death-Ray from Space!; The Hangman: The Nine Lives of Falseface!; Superteen Strikes Again; The Black Hood Hits a Sour Note; Steel Sterling: The Awesome Bravo!; The Web: Uglyman’s Ugliest Plot; Pureheart the Powerful: Tarantula’s Trap; Time Twist; The Fox: The Gasser Attacks!; THe Black Hood: Life’s Not a Comic Book!; The Shield: The Ultra-Sonic Spies; The Beast in the Forest; Chilling Adventures in Sorcery: A Real Hot Talent; The Fly Meets the Cat Girl; The Black Hood: It’s Murder to Beat the Odds!

 Gray Morrow, Marv Channing, Tom DeFalco

 Gray Morrow, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, A. Williams, Chic Stone, Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Jesse Santos

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