The Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1 Variation C

NEC     June, 2007

Twenty!; Moth Magnet!; The Winner; Spelling Bee Blues; The Return of the Chainsaw Vigilante!; Tub Full of Evil!; Intelluctual Pursuits; World War Spoon; The House of the Zombie-Vampires!; The Tick Goes Shopping; King Arthur of Mars; Betrayal of the Man-Eating Cow; Justice is Numb; Duck!; The Worser Scrape; Tick & Artie

 Scott Shaw!, Fred Hembeck, Jason M. Burns, Sean Wang, Matt Kindt, Bryan Baugh, Benito Cereno, Robert Tinnell, Christopher P. Reilly, Bill Tucci

 Scott Shaw!, Fred Hembeck, Erik Valdez Y Alanis, Sean Wang, Matt Kindt, Bryan Baugh, Cory Walker, Mark Wheatley, Terry Moore, Kevin Atkinson, Bill Tucci

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