Archie’s Madhouse Annual #7

Archie     July, 1969

Reprints from Archie’s Madhouse #46 (Apr 1966), #48 (Aug 1966), #52 (Feb 1967), #53 (Apr 1967), and #55 (Aug 1967)

Who’s Kicking?; Hold That Tiger; Blips; The Super-White Knight Versus the Jolly Red Giant; Mad House Hall of Fame; Mission Mish-Mash!; School Scamp; More Madhouse Maddies; The Moon Boon; Fright Sight; Jungle Bungle; The Inspection; Gift Tift; Blast Repast; A Time Trip

 Joe Edwards

 Dick Malmgren, Joe Edwards, Dexter Taylor, Bill Kresse, Dan DeCarlo, Bill Vigoda

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