Betty and Veronica Comics Digest #8

Archie     May, 1984

Wet Strenghth; Battle of the Brats; The Direct Approach…; Mr. Lodge Gag Bag; Shareholders; Archie - Jogging Along; Up And At ’Em’; Little BIG Man; Big Name Phobias Puzzle; Veronica’s Gag Bag; 3-D; The Case of the Hesitant Hero!; Nite Sprite; Finger Folly; Friendly Finance; Dear Betty; Betty’s Pin Up; Veronica’s Pin Up; Ups ’n’ Downs; Will or Won’t; Who’s afraid of a little rain?; Show Biz; Sorry Soprano; Fan Fare; Champ chump; Cover Story; It’s Friendship; Spellbound!; Rock A Bye; Archie Dead Center; Miss Grundy Gag Bag; Pleasant Dreams; I Spy; Deep Sleep; Betty’s Gag Bag

 Dan DeCarlo

No copies

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