Inside the World of Comic Books #1 Hardcover

Black Rose

ca. 2007

Tales From the American Crypt; From Gutter Business to Art Form: Some Real Shit Winds Up Selling Like Hotcakes; A Reporterís Notebook For an Editorís Cap; Turning Fears Into thrills; I Gave it All Up to Draw Comics; I Wanted to be a Cigarette Girl; No Tie - and - Free Comics; Silver Anniversary: Steve Englehart and Marshalll Rogersí Two Detectives; Greatest Female Characters; The Lone Hero, An American Ideal; Everything Vital to a Batman Story; And Then Thereís the Dramatic Action; Greatest Superheroes; Greatest Supervillians; Exposing Status Quo Super-Heroics in Mark Millarís íThe Authorityí; Letís Rap With Cap; Spin-Offs and Other Cool Collaborations; Collecting? Iíve Just Become a Freak About It; Frankly, Iíd Like to See Less Superheroes; Ultimately, Content is King; The DC Canon: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the JLA

 Bradford W. Wright, Joe Casey, Matt Fraction, Bob Layton, Eric Searleman, Steve Niles, Matthew J. Pustz, Scott Allie, Chris Warner, Steve Englehart, Mike W. Barr, Mark Millar, Julian Darius, Jeffery Klaehn, Victor Lucas, Tommy Tallarico, Garth Ennis, Joe Quesada

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