Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero #1

John Hopkins University Press     October, 2008

Includes many oages from various Batman comics; Foreword by James Kakalios; 300 pgs.

Foreword; Bat-Building Blocks: Exploring what Batman became by beginning where he started; The Before Batman: How Buff Was Bruce?; Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner: Bruce’s Twin Brother, Bob, and the Human Genome; The Stress of Life: Holy Hormones, Batman!; Basic Batbody Training: Laying the foundation for Batman’s physical prowess to be later exploited by his skill; Gaining Strength and Power: Does the Bat That Flies the Highest or the Fastest Get the Worm?; Building the Batbones: Brittle Is Bad, But Is Bigger Better?; Batmetabolism: What’s for Dinner on the Dark Knight Diet; Training The Batbrain: Batman on the path to mastery of the martial arts; From Bruce Wayne to Bruce Lee: Mastering Martial Moves in the Batcave; Everyody Was Kung Fu Fighting: But What Was Batman Doing?; The Caped Crusader in Combat: Can You Kayo without Killing?; Batman in Action: Knight moves with Batman when he acts as the Caped Crusader; Batman Bashes and Is Bashed by Bad Boys (and Girls): What Can He Break without Getting Broken?; Hardening the Batbody: Can Sticks and Stones Break His Bones?; Gotham by Twilight: Working the Knight Shift; A Mixed Batbag: Pondering possible pitfalls along the path to bathood; Injury and Recovery: How Much Banging until the Batback Goes Bonk?; Battle of the Bats: Could Batgirl Beat Batman?; The Aging Avenger: Could the Caped Crusader Become the Coped Codger?; The Reign of the Bat: Can You Really Become Batman and Remain Batman?; Appendix: Batman’s Training Milestones; Bibliography; Index

 E. Paul Zehr, James Kakalios

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