Sci-Fi Invasion!: The Guide to Science Fiction Entertainment #2


1997 Special; Sci-Fi Invasion! Movie Preview Guide insert; Star Trek 1997 Preview trading card insert; X-Files game card player notebook insert

Star Wars: The Next Generation; Scret Plans; The Force You Never Knew; Lucas’ Legacy; Casting Call: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire; Welcome to the Empire; E Is for Enterprise; Staying the Course; Fantastic Voyage; The Contest of Champions; 5 Daring Years; Shadows in Time: The ‘Babylon 5’ Episode Guide; Love at First Fight; Generation X-Files; Closer X-Amination: The ‘X-Files’ Episode Guide; Nothing But the Truth; Sci-Fi Invasion! Junk Drawer; Invasion Profile: Harlan Ellison

 Matt Brady, Andrw Kardon, Anthony Duignan-Cabrera, Dan Wallace, Bill Smith, Rick Swan, Marc Shapiro, Douglas Goldstein, Peter David, Adam Rogers, Scott Brick

 Camille Weber, Ralph McQuarrie, Brian Douglas Ahern

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