Sci-Fi Invasion!: The Guide to Science Fiction Entertainment #3


Fall 1997; Richard Hatch interview; Anthony Daniels interview; Starship Troopers poster insert; Babylon 5 trading card insert; Starship Troopers trading card insert; Star Trek: The Original Series trading card insert

Catching Up With… Richard Hatch; Alien Resurrected; Buggin’ Out; Alien Nation; Truth be Told; Invasion Q&A: Antony Daniels; Suiting Up; War Games; Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea; Coming Attractions; Space Debris; The Hole Story; Future Shock; Assimilate This!; Character Profile: Alfred Bester; Centaur Piece; Trek Wars; Invasion Profile on… Orson Scott Card

 Matthew E. Milliken, Richard Hatch, Amanda Finch, Anthony Ferrante, Matt Brady, Scott Brick, Douglas Goldstein, Bob Marshall, Matthew Saunders, Patrick Sauriol, Mike Searle, Marc Shapiro, Matthew Senreich, Anthony Daniels, Andrew Kardon, Jenny Peters, Lawrence M. Krauss, Adam Rogers, José Martínez, Timothy S. O’Brien, Orson Scott Card

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