The Invincible Iron Man Omnibus #2 Variation A

Marvel     April, 2010

Gene Colan cover; Hardcover; Reprints Tales of Suspense #84-99; 1st appearance of Crusher (Caldwell Rozza); 1st appearance of Whiplash (Mark Scott); 1st appearance of Big M (Whitney Frost); 1st appearance of Morgan Stark; 1st appearance of Mordius; 1st appearance of Janice Cord; 1st appearance of Drexel Cord; 1st appearance of Gayl Greer; 1st appearance of Vincent Sandhurst; 1st appearance of Roger Vane; 1st appearance of Byron Frost; 1st appearance of Mei-Ling; 1st Appearance of Controller (Basil Sandhurst); 1st appearance of Night Phantom (Travis Hoyt); 1st appearance of Inspector Christopher; 1st appearance of Alpha; 1st appearance of Beta; 1st appearance of Madame Masque (Whitney Frost); 1st appearance of Charlie Gray; 1st appearance of Iron Man (Eddie March); 1st appearance of Crimson Dynamo (Alex Nevsky); 1st appearance of Cheryl Porter; 1st appearance of Geoff Porter; 1st appearance of Minotaur (Miklos Vryolak); 1st appearance of Blaine Ordway; 1st appearance of June Duncan; Death of the Crusher; Death of Byron Frost; Death of Drexel Cord; Death of Mei-Ling; Death of Vincent Sandhurst; Death of Minotaur (Miklos Vryolak); Death of Blaine Ordway; Death of June Duncan; Origin of Half-Face; Origin of Grey Gargoyle; Origin of Iron Man; Origin of Controller; Origin of Madam Maasque (Whitney Frost); Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1; Iron Man (1st Series) #1-25; Not Brand Echh #2

The Other Iron Man!; Into the Jaws of Death; Death Duel for the Life of Happy Hogan!; Crisis — at the Earth’s Core!; Beyond All Rescue!; The Monstrous Menace of the Mysterious Melter!; The Golden Ghost!; The Uncanny Challenge of the Crusher!; Within the Vastness of Viet Nam!; The Golden Gladiator and… the Giant!; The Tragedy and the Triumph!; If a Man Be Stone!; The Deadly Victory!; The Coming of… Whiplash!; The Warrior and the Whip!; At the Mercy of the Maggia; The Torrent Without…The Tumult Within!; Alone Against A.I.M.!; The Origin of Iron Man; The Day of the Demolisher!; My Friend, My Foe…the Freak!; Unconquered is the Unicorn!; Frenzy in a Far-Flung Future!; Vengeance —- Cries the Crusher!; The Maggia Strikes; A Duel Must End!; … There Lives a Green Goliath!; Once More… the Mandarin!; Unmasked!; The Coming of the Controller; Captives of the Controller!; The Night Phantom Walks!; Said the Unicorn to the Ghost…!; Of Beasts and Men!; The Beginning of the End!; Even Heroes Die!; What Price Life?!; Who Serves Lucifer?; The Replacement!; From This Conflict… Death!; The Man Who Killed Tony Stark!!; My Son… the Minotaur!; This Doomed Land — This Dying Sea!; Ironed Man: Magnut, Robot Biter!

 Stan Lee, Archie Goodwin, Roy Thomas

 Gene Colan, Johnny Craig, George Tuska, Don Heck

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