Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals Double Digest #143

Archie     September, 2010

The Cool Hot Sound; Soda Jerky; Meteorite Appetite; The Challenge; No Greater Love; Miss Grundy: Don’t Give Me a Break; Changing Times; Summer Bummer; Camp Ahoy; How Campy!; Eye, Yi, Yi…; Dance Chance; Archie 3000!: Sno-Blaster Master; Archie 3000!: Speak Boy !; Whooey Phooey; Kidding Around; Straining Their Friendship; Walking Tall; Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Camp Scamps; Sabrina: A Wrap Up; Sabrina: A Slick Trick; Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda: Birthday Blues; Sabrina: Night Sprites; Clown Princess; Mow Woe; Josie And the Pussycats: Track Record; Josie: Sailor Beware; Cast Party; Boxer Boom; Fright Sight; Fall Guy

 George Gladir, Bill Golliher, Mike Pellowski

 Stan Goldberg, Tim Kennedy, Chris Lie, Fernando Ruiz

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