Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact #502

George A. Pflaum     September, 1972

Vol. 27 #8; Fall issue; Final Issue; Chuck White; Lotsa laughs; The story of fish, bird and animal tails; Story of the helicopter; Story of the mechanical reaper; The story of Michelangelo’s David

Chuck White and his Friends; The Broken Wheel (text); cartoon: Lotsa Laughs; Did you Know?; These Tails Have Work to do; What’s in a Word?; Whirling Wonders of the Airways; cartoon: Ali; Cyrus Hall McCormick and his Reaper; cartoon: Randy; It’s a Fact!; The Giant: The Story of Michaelangelo’s David; cartoon: Pup; puzzle: Puzzle Page; cartoon: Pierre

 Matt Christopher, Tom Dowling, Mario DeMarco, Helen L. Gillum, Sadie Costa, Hazel Mary Boring, Marvin Townsend, Frank Hill

 Fran Matera, Reed Crandall, Al Kaufman, Mario DeMarco, Joe Sinnott, Frank Johnson, Lloyd Ostendorf, Marvin Townsend, Frank Hill

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