The Best American Comics #2010 Hardcover

Houghton Mifflin

ca. 2010

Omega the Unknown; Ceci N’est Pas une Comic; Flytrap; Mixed Up Files; The Lagoon (Hiding in the Water); The Daily Grand Prix and Forbidden Rooms; November 8-28, 2007; The Alcoholic; Deep Space; Asterios Polyp; Water! Electricity! Meat!; Acme Novelty Library; The Bank; Titanic Urination, Hooker Cookies, Duck Mom, Carrot Romance, Pumpkin Drummer, and Sleep Multiplication; The Book of Genesis; The War on Fornication; Lobster Run; Ex Communication; Norman Eight’s Left Arm; Trinity; Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe; The Flood; I Heard Some Distant Music; You’ll Never Know, Book One: A Good and Decent Man; Fiction versus Nonfiction

 Jonathan Lethem, Farel Dalrymple, Peter Kuper, Dave Lapp, Gabrielle Bell, Lilli Carré, Ben Katchor, James Kochalka, Jonathan Ames, John Pham, David Mazzucchelli, Gilbert Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, Chris Ware, Derf, Jesse Reklaw, Robert Crumb, Peter Bagge, Fred Chao, Todd Brower, Theo Ellsworth, Michael Cho

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United States cyberspacecomics $22.99 Hardcover Edited by Neil Gaiman 1st print

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