Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals Double Digest #146

Archie     January, 2011

Final issue

All the Doggone Day; No Comet!; Bye Bye Bee!; Madcap Riverdale Maladies; Hot Wheels; Veronica Lodge: Attorney of Love; Teen Law Terms; Slim Pickin’s; Air-Foiled; Archie 3000!: Sport Star; Archie 3000!: Room Without a Viewer!; An Artful Dodger!; Move Groove; Space Spoof; Betty: Fall Fashions; Sabrina: Work Quirk; Sabrina: Auto Suggestion; Sabrina: Color Coded; Blame Game; Spy-Type Guy; If People’s Thoughts Were Labelled Like Products; Josie: It Takes Two to Tumble; Josie: No Help Wanted: Gag Me!; Cheer Corps; Win Din

 Paul Kupperberg, Mike Pellowski, Hal Smith, Kathleen Webb, Dan Parent, Greg Ehrbar, George Gladir

 Stan Goldberg, Tim Kennedy, Fernando Ruiz, Chris Lie, Dan Parent, Bill Golliher, Pat Kennedy

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