World of Archie Double Digest #3

Archie     February, 2011

Role Reversal Day!; Crack Knack; Spot Check; Dilton’s Did You Know?: Early Lights; Hats Off to Hats; Weight for Me!!; Mad Lad; Mad House: Mighty Inch: Alias “Super Snip”; Mad House: Finkfinger; Mad House: Robot’s Revenge; Captain Sprocket: Living Proof!; On Thin Ice; Open the Door, Dilton; Talk Show; Reggie Pin up; Sounds Silly to Me!; High Adventure; Smoke Screen!; It’s My Life!; Josie: Footlight Follies; Josie: The Bright Side; Josie: Show Biz Blues; Josie: It’s Curtain Time; Kiss and Try to Tell; PRO and CONvictions; Sneaker Circus; To Kill or to Cure; Romantic Antic; Miss Beazly’s Gag Bag; Detention Blues; Drawing Attention!

 Paul Kupperberg, George Gladir, Mike Pellowski, Bill Golliher

 Stan Goldberg, Fernando Ruiz, Pat Kennedy

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