Fear Itself Spotlight #1

Marvel     June, 2011

Plugging In The Spotlight!; Table of Contents; I: Building Fear: The Spotlight Interview With Matt Fraction; II: Fearless: Fear Itself Artist Stuart Immonen; III: Behind the Shield With Captain America; IV: Name Your Fear!; V: Classic Cap/Thor Team-Ups; VI: Fear, Loathing And Loki; VII: Come With Us On A Journey Into Mystery!; VIII: Do You Want To Know A Secret?; IX: Youth In Revolt: The Kids Aren’t Alright!; X: The Hammer Struck!; XI: The Main Event!; XII: Seven Deadly Stories Of Sin

 John Rhett Thomas, Chris Arrant, Mike Conroy, Robert Greenberger, Jess Harrold, Dana Perkins, Dugan Trodglen

 Stuart Immonen

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