Archie: A Celebration of America’s Favorite Teenagers #1 Hardcover

Idea + Design Works     February, 2011

Harcover; Reprints stories from Betty and Veronica #136, Little Archie #20, Archie #167, Fashion of the Times August 17, 2003, Veronica #201, Archie Digest #260; Jonathan Goldwater interview; Mike Pellerito interview; Victor Gorelick interview

Slave Girl; The Long Walk; Board Game; Sound Off; I’ll Take Manhattan; This and Tat; Mocca Madness; The Iron Curtain Caper

 Craig Yoe, Vic Bloom, Victor Gorelick, Bob Bolling, Frank Doyle, Patricia Marx, Dan Parent, Arie Kaplan, Harry Lucey, Jonathan Goldwater, Mike Pellerito

 Dan DeCarlo, Bill Vigoda, Bob Montana, George Frese, Bob White, Bob Bolling, Harry Lucey, Samm Schwartz, Stan Goldberg, Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz, Craig Boldman, ellen Leonforte

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