Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #220

Archie     September, 2011

Follow the Bouncing Boy!; Swing King; Let’s Get Campy; Iron Wills; Coaster to Coaster; The Lonely One; Hooked; Talk Balk; Can You Dig It?; Ice Cream Scream; Bug-a-Boo!; To the Rescue; Little Archie: Lawbreaker; Little Jughead; Date Fate; Little Jughead: The Right Ring; Little Reggie: The Candy Man; Little Archie: Fun Time; Little Sabrina: The Magic Fish; Giving Orders; Swat Plot; Time’s Up; The Fun-Tastic Island!; Women’s Rights; All Washed Up!; Wilbur: A Genuine Imitation; Wilbur: Fight to the Finish; Laurie: Do Not Disturb; The Best Spot on the Beach!; A Top Catch; It’s Just Your Imagination!

 Tom DeFalco, Mike Pellowski, Angelo DeCesare, Bill Golliher, George Gladir, Bob Bolling, Dexter Taylor, Craig Boldman, Jeff Shultz, Joe Edwards, Greg Crosby

 Stan Goldberg, Pat Kennedy, Bob Bolling, Bill Golliher, Chic Stone, Fernando Ruiz, Dexter Taylor, Henry Scarpelli, Jeff Shultz, Joe Edwards

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