Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #221

Archie     October, 2011

Ball in the Hall!; Love Hurts; Comp-Eating; Why?!; Two Tickets for Saturday Night; The Plot Thickens!; Topsy Turvy; You’re Drive-in Me Crazy!; Identity Crisis; Little Archie: To Do Or Diet; Little Archie: The Secret of the Betsey Belle; Little Jughead: The Hunt; Little Ambrose: Bait Fate; Tarot Card Shark; Down Below; Archie Pinup; When Rhinos Fly!; Borrow Sorrow; Net Nut; “Fun” Raising; Wilbur: Frame of Mind; Wilbur: Blow the Man Down; Wilbur: Weather Profit; Bounce ‘N’ Jounce; Slap Flap; Canoe Ballyhoo; Big Splash; E-Con-Nomics; Phone a Friend

 Tom DeFalco, J. Torres, Kathleen Webb, Dick Malmgren, Mike Pellowski, George Gladir, Bill Golliher, Craig Boldman, Hal Smith, Dexter Taylor, Fernando Ruiz, Frank Doyle

 Gisele, Tim Kennedy, Stan Goldberg, Chic Stone, Jon D’Agostino, Henry Scarpelli, Dexter Taylor, Fernando Ruiz, Rex W. Lindsey, Dan DeCarlo, Pat Kennedy

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