Bizarre Thrills: The Paragon Publication Story #1

AC     April, 2012


The Forgotten City (Starmasters); The Girl from…LSD (Synesthesia); What Is LSD? (Synesthesia); Dweller in the Darkness! (Phantom Lady); Carnage on Campus (Synesthisa); Red Dominion (Synesthisa, Phantom Lady); Night of the Shade (The Shade); I’m Going to Kill You Tonight (The Shade); The Wand of Power; The Hell-Hands of Kilhi!; The Power…Unleashed!; The Secret of the Wand!; The Sorcerer Strikes!; Challenge from the Stars! (Tara); Dr. Rivits, I Presume? (Tara); The Thing from the Egg! (Tara); The Iron Claw! (The Scarlet Scorpion); Journey to Nightmare’s End! (Captain Paragon); Fem Fantastique (Stormy Tempest); In the Clutches of Countess Peril! (Stormy Tempest); Enter Lady Liberty (Tara); Battle Beyond Reality (Phantom Lady); Blackjack; The All-Girl Squad; Time and Time Again (Team Paragon)

 Bill Black, Steve Vance, Gary Brown

 Bill Black, Eric Coile, Willie Bllyberg, Marc Hempel, Steve Vance, Bob Cosgrove, Martin Greim

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