Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #231

Archie     September, 2012

No Obstacle!; Summertime Date!; Friendly Fire; Special Daze; Vender Bender!; The Long Wait; Little Betty: Mighty Mix!; Little Sabrina: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; Disastrous Doings; Bulb Snatcher; Vacation Blues; Chase Race; Service With a Smile; Dog-Gone It!; Theme Park Lark; Appropriate for All Ages; Beddy-Bye Time; Archie the Barbarian: Friendly Foul-Up; A Weighty Matter; Wishing Well; Double Trouble; The Race; Archie Pinup; Alarmed; Wilbur: French Leave; Wilbur: The Pix Fix; Wilbur: Finders Keepers…; Lunch Pale; Speed Deed; Waiting Game!

 Mike Pellowski, Greg Crosby, Kathleen Webb, George Gladir, Bob Bolling, Dexter Taylor, Frank Doyle, Craig Boldman, Dick Malmgren, John Albano, Al Hartley

 Bob Bolling, Stan Goldberg, Tim Kennedy, Dexter Taylor, Harry Lucey, Henry Scarpelli, Dick Malmgren, Dan DeCarlo, Fernando Ruiz, Al Hartley

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