Avengers vs. Thanos #1


Collects Iron Man (1st Series) #55, Captain Marvel #25-33, Marvel Feature (1st Series) #12, Daredevil #105-107, The Avengers #125, Anl 7, Warlock #9-11, 15, Marvel Two-In-One Anl 2 and from Logan’s Run (Marvel) #6

Beware… the Blood Brothers!; A Taste of Madness!; Betrayal!; Trapped On Titan!; When Titans Collide!, Part 1; A Clash of Titans, Part 2; Mind Slave, Part 3; Metamorphosis!; …To be Free from Control!; The Bite of the Blood Brothers!; Menace from the Moons of Saturn!; Life be Not Proud!; Blind Man’s Bluff!

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