Essential Defenders #7

Marvel     May, 2013

Reprints Defenders #126-139, Iceman (1st Series) #1-4, Beauty and The Beast (Marvel) #1-4; 1st appearance of Leviathan (Edward Cobert); 1st appearance of Walrus (Hubert Carpenter); 1st appearance of the Gamma Spores; 1st appearance of Manslaughter; 1st appearance of Blowtorch Brand; Origin of Leviathan (Edward Cobert); Origin of Walrus (Hubert Carpenter); Origin of Moondragon (Heather Douglas); Origin of Moondragon

State of the Union!; Dreams of Glory; Cloud Hidden!; Assault on the Empire!; Countdown!; And in the End!; The Fuse!; Instant Karma!; Quicksand!; The Price You Pay!; If This be Walrus…!; The Phantom of Gamma-Ray Flats!; The Pajusnaya Consignment!; Beauty and the Beast; Heartbreak

 J. M. Dematteis

 Alan Kupperberg

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