The CBLDF Presents: Liberty Comics Annual #2013 Variation C

Image     October, 2013

Don’t Open It!; Dun’s Return; The Shoot; Charles de Ghoul: The Curse of the Empty Suit; Hoax Hunters; Captain Midnight; Captain Misinformation!; My Hero; A Mustache at My Heels; Punk Rock Is Out to Lunch; Hack/Slash: Avert Your Eyes!; What If Wertham Was Right?

 Fábio Moon, Richard Corben, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Jeremy Atkins, Steve Seely, Michael Moreci, Josh Williamson, Art Baltazar, Franco, Paul Tobin, Leah Sottile, Tim Seeley

 Fábio Moon, Richard Corben, Gabriel Hardman, D.A. Cox, Joe Eisma, Dennis Culver, Art Baltazar, Juan Ferreyra, Emi Lenox, Andy Kuhn, Ron Chan

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