The Spider: Extreme Prejudice #1

Moonstone     July, 2013

Scourge of the Giggling Ghouls (text story); Clutch of the Blue Reaper (text story); The Screaming Death (text story); The Steel Tsars (text story); Demon Slaves of the Red Claw (text story); Death Ghost from the Future War (text story); Fear the Dark (text story); Spider Trap (text story); Prey of the Mask Reaper (text story); Terror of the Rangoon Raiders (text story); Just Wonderful (text story); The Gray Reapers (text story)

 Howard Hopkins, Will Murray, Eric Fein, James Chambers, Gary Phillips, Rik Hoskin, Bobby Nash, Ron Fortier, I.A. Watson, Don Roff, C.J. Henderson, Matthew Baugh

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