52: The Companion Book #1

DC     October, 2007

Introduction by Mark Waid; Collects Rip Hunter…Time Master #6, Detective Comics #350, Strange Adventures #226, Metal Men #45, Secret Origins (3rd Series) #35, Animal Man #16, Superman: The Man of Steel #97, JSA #43-44, and Gotham Central #40

Bridge the Past and Future; Green Lantern’s Blackout; From the Depths; The Secret of the Ancient Seer; Corrigan II; What Makes a Hero?; The Clockwork Crimes of the Time Commander!; The Magic-Maker of Rann; Evil is in the Eye of the Beholder; Yesterday’s War; The Tears of Ra

 Mark Schultz, Gardner Fox, Dan Jurgens, Jack Miller, Steve Ditko, Grant Morrison, David Goyer, Geoff Johns

 Doug Mahnke, Carmine Infantino, Dan Jurgens, Alex Toth, Kano, Steve Ditko, Chas Truog, Murphy Anderson, Walt Simonson, Leonard Kirk

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