Adventure Comics #310

DC     July, 1963


The Doom of the Super-Heroes!; Last Stand of the Legion!; cartoon: Little Pete; When Krypto was Superboy’s Master!

 Edmond Hamilton, Henry Boltinoff, George Kashdan

 John Forte, George Papp, Henry Boltinoff

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Very Good  
United Kingdom Silverdollarcomics $17.50 VG+ 4.5
United States kdevine $6.00 Legion
United States CapCoComics $10.00 Superboy cover Versus the 30th century descendant of Mr. Mxyzptlk Time travel Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes Edmond Hamilton L.O.C. "DC" on cover blackened in. Scans Available.
United States MScheele $11.50 Cover bends (large creases or bends, possibly with color breaks)
United States DKnox $6.90