ACG Collected Works: Adventures into the Unknown #1 Hardcover

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Collects Adventures into the Unknown #1-5

The Werewolf Stalks; The Living Ghost; Strange Spirits: Voodoo; The Painted Grave; It Walked by Night; The Cursed Pistol; The Castle of Otranto; The Horrible Toys; True Ghosts of History: The Vengeful Specter of Lord Tyrone; Haunted House; Kill, Puppets, Kill; The Mermaid Mole (text); Out of the Unknown; The Old Tower’s Secret; The Haunted Hoard (text); The Master’s Hand; Phantom of the Seas; The Grim Lady of Raynham Hall; The Witch-Cat of Salem; By the Light of the Lantern; The Vampire Prowls; Strange Spirits; The Specter of Little Dread House; Do Such Things Exist?; The Empty House; True Ghosts of History; The Creekmore Curse; Giants of the Unknown; The Affair of Room 1313; Back to Yesterday; Specialist in Spooks; St. Mary’s Spectre; Rescue Out of the Unknown (text); The Women Wore Black; She Dared the Unknown; The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 1); The Blonde Witch of the Swamp; The Ghostly Crew; T

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