ACG Collected Works: Adventures into the Unknown #2 Hardcover

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Collects Adventures into the Unknown #6-10

Bat by Night; Condemned .. to Live!; Bewitched Bali; The Sands Of The Desert (text); The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 2); The Case Of The Malignant Mummy; Gather ’Round…; Journey into the Unknown; The Devil’s Disciple; The Moss Man (text); The Swami’s Secret; Ghost Mother (text); The Ape Demon; The Mummy’s Cloth; Drums of the Undead; The World beyond the Mirror; The Case of the Roman Curse; The Evil One; The Ghost from Algol; The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 3); The Sargasso Specter; The Man Who Went to the West; Shadow of the Panther; No Answer (text); The Thing at the Bottom of the Sea; Haunted Boy; When the Shaman Walked; The Gray One (text); The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 4); Clouded Crystal (text); The Man in the Mirror; The Poet Who Returned From The Dead; The Boy Who Could Fly; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; Alaska’s Phantom City; Vampire’s Castle; The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 5); The Civic Spirit; Vision of Death; Ha

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