Archie’s Mad House (IDW) Book #1 Hardcover

Idea + Design Works     July, 2011

Published by IDW

Welcome to the Madhouse!; If Teen-Agers Ran the Government!; Madhouse Beauty Hints!; Archie’s Aquarium; Teen-Age Life in the Stone Ages; Madhouse Examines the Devil in You; If Comics Were Sponsored!; Aunt Juggie’s Advice to the Lovelorn: How to Win a Fight With Your Boy/Girl Friend; How to Become a Teen-Age Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer; Debutante Twist; Lester the Hipster; Teen-Agers of the Past: The Middle Ages; Yes My Darling Daughter!; Ronald the Rubber Boy; Campaign Picture Sometimes Lie…; Madhouse Hall of Fame; The Broken Streak; Act Tact; The Wet Set; Presenting- Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch; Dr. Sy Klops; The Son of Dr. Jerkyll; Monsters in the News; Monster Institute of Transylvania; The Beatnik Monster; Dr. Bonehead’s Boner; Boris Karlaff’s Photo Album; Our Monster Is Hip. Oh, Where Did We Slip?; Snowboy; Great Moments in the Invention of Comic Books; Do-It-Yourself Comics!; Tongue Toppers for Cool Cats!; The Romances of Marcia the Mermaid

 Craig Yoe

 Harry Lucey, Bob White, Samm Schwartz, Dan DeCarlo, Orlando Busino, Joe Edwards, Stan Goldberg, Al Hartley, Wally Wood, Chic Stone, Dexter Taylor

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