Cracked Collectors’ Edition #80

Globe     September, 1989

Married With Children, Bon Jovi, RoboCop, Mike Tyson, Morton Downey Jr, Star Trek: the Next Generation, Big, Oprah Winfrey, My Two Dads, Rambo, Bettlejuice, Wonder Years, Freddy Kruger, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, ALF, Dick Tracy, Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Far Side, Ziggy, Garfield, Bloom County, G.I.Joe, Garbage Pail Kids parodies

The Uggly Family; The Cracked Technofile; Winfrah Oprey; Bon Jovi vs. Springsteen; Skateboard Form Function; Cracked Star Cars; Cyborgs Unlimited; Hurry Ups; R.A.L.F. Interview; Star Drek; Cracked Mirrors; My Two Duds; Forgotten Funnies; Teen Age Monsters; Hudd & Dini; Sabotage Handbook; Uggly Family Olympics; Rambozo Interview; G.I. Joke; Cracked 30th Anniversary; Teen Rockers; Hot & Not; Vernon Swallow; Spittlejuice; Martyred with Children; Blunder Years; Mike Dyson Interview; Shut Ups; If; Freddy’s Celebrity Nightmares; Garbage Dump Pop Stars; Wow!; If Mort Downey Was Prez; Quentin Plasma; Pig; Who Fwamed Roger Wabbit; Rock Shut Ups

 Joe Catalano, Peter Bagge, Bo Badman, Cliff Mott, George Gladir, Rick Altergott, Vic Martin, Mike Ricigliano, Eel O’Brien, Shawn Kerri, Jeremy Banx, Mort Todd, Murad Gumen, John Garfield, John Arcudi, Don Orhek, Tony Frank, Rich Kriegel

 John Severin, Bill Wray, Frank Caruso, Bo Badman, Rick Altergott, Rob Orzechowski, Vic Martin, Walter James Brogan, Mike Ricigliano, Stash Gillespie, Shawn Kerri, Jeremy Banx, John Garfield, Don Orhek

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