The Further Adventures of Batman Mass Market Paperback #3

Bantam Books

Volume 3: Featuring Catwoman; Text Antholgy; Edited by Martin H. Greenbeg

Gotham City Spring: a suite; Creatures Of Habit; A Knight At The Opera; Catwomen; Catacombs; The Cat’s-Eye Crown; The City That Could Not Breathe; Deadly Prey; On The Wings Of Angel; Copycat; An Unauthorized Biography; A Harlot’s Tears; C&W

 Mort Castle, Paul Kupperberg, Jeff Rovin, Greg Cox, Robert Weinberg, Kay Demijohn, Will Murray, Gary Cohn, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, John Gregory Betancourt, Brian M. Thomsen, Ed Gorman, Jon Hammer, Karen McBurnie

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