Dark Horse Presents (Vol. 3) #7 Variation A

Dark Horse     February, 2015

Powell Variant Cover

Hellboy: The Coffin Man II The Rematch; Ape-X: Dirty Bad Science; Semiautomagic, Part 4; Sabertooth Swordsman: Double Date Disaster; Murder Book: Point Taken; Mind Mgmt: Honeymoon; Dream Gang: Act 2, Part 1; Groo The Wanderer: The Kids Who Would Be Kings, Part 1; Pino in Mermaids; Masks

 Mike Mignola, Fred Van Lente, Alex de Campi, Damon Gentry, Ed Brisson, Matt Kindt, Brendan McCarthy, Mark Evanier, Gustavo Duarte, Gillian Flynn

 Gabriel Bá, Miguel Sepulveda, Jerry Ordway, Aaron Conley, Michael Walsh, Matt Kindt, Brendan McCarthy, Sergio Aragonés, Gustavo Duarte, Dave Gibbons

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