Archie’s Favorite Comics From the Vault #1


ca. 2015

Patch as Patch Can; The Nature Lover; Patch Up Your Troubles; A Winter Wonderland; Two Tickets to Trouble!; Rhythm & Blues; Groan Ups; Mr. Marvelous; Rice and Shine; Bigger and Bitter; The Rose Achoo; Three Cornered Calamity; Money to Burn; Lonely Luxury; Betty Gets the Needle; Katy Keene; Cover Up; Costume Clash; ’T’ Spree; Sew What; Gulping Guppies; The Yolks on You; Spook Spree; The Importance of Being a Teen-Ager; Not Very Becoming; The Tooth Fairy; Only a Fool; Surprise Package; Betty Betty Betty Betty Betty; The Me-ning of Life; Flower Power; Watts My Line?; Between Us Girls; Electronically Yours; Brute Farce; Bowl Goal; Art Smart; Archie’s Fables; What If?; Slave Girl; Ten Years Later; It All Began…; The Good, the Bad and the Reggie; The Clutching Hand; A Likeness for Larceny; Smashing Success; Don’t Knock Knees; Beachhead; Melody of Love; Hat Trick; Sublime Time; Lasting Impressions; What’s the Pitch; A Medal for Jughead; The Anxious One; Tongue Twister; Lawman; Sound Your "A"; Birthday Boy; The Reputation; So What’s New?; Blow by Blow

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