Eclipse Magazine #2

Eclipse     July, 1981

Includes poster of cover by Michael Golden

1st Appearance of Coyote; B&W

The Return of Rick Rabbit; He Always Wanted to Write for Ernie Kovacs…; I am Coyote, Part 1; What’s the Little Blond-Haired Guy Doing Here?; London 1919; Role Model, Part 1; Quick Trim; Crim in the City; Ms. Tree: I, for an Eye, Part 2; One Grave for My Tears

 Steve Leialoha, Joe Owens, Martin W. Herzog, Steve Englehart, Trina Robbins, Steve Gerber, Howard Cruse, Rick Geary, Max Allan Collins, Don McGregor

 Steve Leialoha, Ken Steacy, Marshall Rogers, Trina Robbins, Val Mayerik, Howard Cruse, Rick Geary, Terry Beatty, Billy Graham

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