Doctor Who: 2016 Convention Exclusive #1 Variation A

Titan     July, 2016

Cover A by Alice X. Zhang (front) and Blair Shedd (back); New tenth, eleventh, and twelfth Doctors; Includes 2-page Pin-up of Cover A; Includes Back-up story tie-in to 2016 Doctor Who Event: Supremacy of the Cybermen; 28 pages

The Long Con; Supremacy of the Cybermen, Part 0: Prologues

 Andrew James, AJ, George Mann, Cavan Scott

 Leandro Casco, Simon Fraser, Walter Geovani, Dan Boultwood, Andrew Pepoy, Mike Collins, Blair Shedd, Simone Di Meo, Stephen Byrne, Simon Myers, Lee Sullivan, Rachael Stott

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