Howard the Duck Omnibus #1 - 2nd printing

Marvel     October, 2014

Collects Adventure into Fear #19, Man-Thing #1; Introduction by Steve Gerber

Getting Down Again; The Enchanrter’s Apprentice; Battle for the Palace of the Gods!; Giant; Hellcow; Howard the Barbarian; Cry Turnip!; Four Feathers of Death! or: Ener The Duck!; The Sleep…of the Just!; I Want Mo-o-oney!; The Secret House of Forbidden Cookies!; The Duck & The Defenders; Open Season!; Scandel Plucks Duck; Swan-Song…of the Living Dead Duck; Quack-up!; Mind-Mush!; Rock, Roll Over and Writhe!; A Duck Possessed!; Thief of Bafmom!; The Island of Dr. Bong!; Zen and the Art of Comic Book Writing: A Communique from Colorado!; Dr. Bong; Metamorphosis; Howard the Human!; Scrubba-Dub Death; If You Knew Soofi…!; May the Farce be with You; Star Waaugh; The Night after You Save the Universe; Getting Smooth!; Repercussions…!; Circus Maximus; Cooking with Gas; Help Stamp Out Ducks!; If This Be Bongsday!; The Final Bong!; Panic in the Park!; Going Underground; Material Duck

 Steve Gerber, Frank Brunner, Marv Wolfman, Mary Skrenes, Mark Evanier, Bill Mantlo, Allan Kupperberg, Steven Grant, Christopher Stager, Val Mayerik

 Val Mayerik, Frank Brunner, Gene Colan, John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Carmine Infantino, Will Meugniot, Alan Kupperberg, Paul Smith, Alan Weiss, Ed Hannigan, Dave Cockrum, Tom Palmer, Al Milgrom, Dick Giordano, Mike Nasser, Terry Austin

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