Epic Illustrated #5

Epic     April, 1981

Almuric, Part 4; Because It’s There; Rising of the Moon; Freedom & Fairy Tale; Bookview; Conquest of the Banana Planet; Media View; Metamorphosis Odyssey: Sunrise on Lartoprez; The Brothers Hildrebrandt; Flight Out; Jack Tales; Satri

 Roy Thomas, Ralph Macchio, Bill Mantlo, Mirko Ilic, Mary Jo Duffy, Rick Veitch, Denny O’Neil, Jim Starlin, Archie Goodwin, Pepé Moreno, Charles Vess, Margaret Gallagher

 Tim Conrad, Joe Jusko, Polly Law, Mirko Ilic, Rick Veitch, Jim Starlin, Eliot Brown, Pepé Moreno, Charles Vess, Margaret Gallagher

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