The Avenger Chronicles TPB Variation B


Prose anthology; Introduction by Howard Hopkins

The White Curse; The Devil’s Mouthpiece; The Necklace of Atlantis; The Freeze Devil; Tides of Justice; Savage Feast; The Cloud of Doom; The Red Death; The Frozen Terror; In Forgetfulness Divine; The Heart of the Crucible; The Girl Who Saw Death; Nightmare Destroyer; Death in Clown Alley; The MIsts of the City; Death and the Countess; The Blast Devil; The Return of the Iron Skull

 Will Murray, Martin Powell, Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith, Gary Phillips, Richard Dean Starr, Mel Odom, Paul Kupperberg, Tom DeFalco, Mark Justice, Matthew Baugh, Howard Hopkins, Dan Wickline, Joe Gentile, James Reasoner, Robert J. Randisi, Win Scot Eckert, C.J. Henderson, Ron Goulart

 Dave Aikins, Andy Bennett

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United States pbickford $13.00 Prose anthology Introduction by Howard Hopkins